Leicester Office Furnishers has a 30-year heritage of providing a superb range of office furniture to businesses throughout the Midlands and beyond. Prices are extremely competitive, delivery is free locally and our years of expertise mean that we can offer advice on the appropriate choices for your requirements. Leicester Office Furnishers is the parent company of complementary company, Stirling Interiors that offers a full interior design, installation and project management package. The two businesses dovetail together to provide the best solutions for your office furniture and interiors however large or small your project might be.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers come back to us time and time again, due in large part to our outstanding,  personal customer service…we would love you to be one of them!


At Leicester Office Furnishers, we have a diverse skill set and can provide an extensive range of office and educational furniture. Our 30 year heritage gives us a product knowledge that can rival even the manufacturers



In 1990 we were based at our Leicester City Centre offices on Newarke Street. The building itself had four floors and acted as a working showroom on the first floor, a loading bay on the ground floor and the remaining floors we used as storage space.

Typical clients during this time were:

Brighton College, we sourced and supplied classroom furniture, a reception desk with associated reception seating, staffroom seating and tables for both dining and more relaxed use, the head teachers office which comprised an office desk with matching storage and meeting table. We also furnished a meet and greet space for visitors to the school. Wallpaper/decoration and curtains were also part of the remit.

DeMontfort University were a new customer to us then and we supplied various furniture items for their extensive site. We supplied seating and tables/desks for lecture and seminar use through to office furniture for members of staff at DeMontfort. We also supplied furniture and seating solutions for more chilled student study areas.

1995 was the year that Stirling Interiors was launched. Our commercial refurbishment and interior design side of the business. Karen Colville is the founder and Stirling Interiors is still going strong today. Stirling was launched to work alongside Leicester Office Furnishers to enable us to offer the complete refurbishment package to our customers. From concept to completion we are able to manage the whole project.


Office Furniture Trends 1990:

The introduction of "systems" furniture

The office furniture industry built its business model during the 1980′s and 1990′s with “systems” furniture. Allowing companies to buy from a chosen range and be able to expand and adapt as their business grew. We still use "systems" furniture today.

Office chairs got sexy

By the mid to late 1990′s, chairs became pretty “sexy”, especially after Herman Miller’s introduction of the iconic Aeron® chair. Close competitors countered with their own iconic products starting with Steelcase (Leap® and Think®) and Haworth (Zody®, and Very®). Knoll charged back with Generation® in 2009. Dozens of other manufacturers tried to duplicate HMI’s success with multiple versions of “mesh” based chairs that simply never matched the original.


IOSH were one of our biggest customers during the year 2000, and we are proud to say that they still are now! IOSH operate out of an extensive building that has the older part known as 'The Grange' and then a newer part where they have had an extension built.

We have refurbished and fitted out the entire building over the years, ranging from bespoke reception counters, through to general office desks, ergonomic chairs and everything else in between. IOSH have been a customer for so long that we are refurbishing rooms we completed some 15-20 years ago!

Norwich Records Office were also one of our main customers during the year 2000. Norwich Records Office was a brand new building at the time and it is the largest records office in Europe and was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We were obviously honoured to be selected to complete this project which comprised a full interior design package (decoration, electrics, lighting, ceilings, flooring etc) and office furniture selection and install.


Office Furniture Trends 2010:

Furniture going green

The long-term effect that the way we live has on the environment had never received more focus from the media. Every day we are encouraged to reduce, reuse, recycle, and companies who pollute the ocean, destroy forests, or harm wildlife are taken to task.

Green furniture has always been available, but now (in 2000) it seemed to be going mainstream. Environmental concerns such as awareness of how deforestation impacts climate change and the effects of toxic finishes on the air inside offices have led furniture buyers to demand green furniture.

Manufacturers were transitioning into greener resources and ways of production.

In the last decade furniture imports rose due to lower costs, but the concern for a smaller carbon footprint is behind the beginning of a gradual shift towards locally manufactured furniture.

Diminishing resources and pollution concerns have led to more recycled or repurposed materials. Material from torn down buildings is being used for furniture as a step taken to reduce landfills

Technology driven furniture design

Furniture with a smaller profile started to evolve around 2000 due to the advances in technology and the introduction of smaller computers, monitors, phones etc.. and this impacted on the size of workspace required.

No longer did we need a deep desk to accommodate huge monitors, so huge corner desks and large L-Shaped two-piece desks were slowly starting to be replaced with more compact versions. And of course we were also using email more and more and becoming more environmentally aware (as mentioned above) so paperwork was also being reduced. This meant desk shapes were being experimented with, reducing the footprint required per desk and a lot of companies being able to get a lot more people in the same space.


By 2010 we were working from our current premises at White House Farm, Barkby, Leicester. We converted an old barn into our now, luxurious, office space which was a huge contrast to the industrial unit we left behind in Cannock Street, Thurmaston.

Still feeling the effects of the recession, 2010 was a tough year however, we still managed to gain key new customers:

Mainline (mobile phone distributor) where we refurbished their entire office space based in Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire. The refurbishment included reception, boardroom and general office spaces and included new ceiling tiles, decoration, new flooring and new office furniture.

NB Leisure Trust had their headquarters based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire refurbished and fitted out with new office furniture.

Recycoal (Waste Coal Solutions) based in Doncaster. Recycoal commissioned us to complete a full refurbishment and office furniture package. We had previously completed a full refurbishment and office furniture fit-out at the CEO's previous company ATH Resources and he was so pleased with the results that he stuck with us for his next project which of course we were delighted by.

We do take pride in the work that we complete for customers whether the order is for one chair or a full refurbishment package, so we are genuinely thrilled that our customers do come back to us time and time again.


Office Furniture Trends 2010:

The move to open plan office working

Businesses were starting to move more people into smaller spaces. In addition to reducing brick and mortar overhead, many companies found that close proximity helps with communication and idea generation. Flexible, modular systems that are lightweight and simple to reconfigure make it easy to share office spaces. More recently this has seen companies selecting bench desking systems over the more traditional corner desk layouts.

User Friendly Office Furniture

Companies were utilising technology more and more to keep far-flung colleagues communicating without spending resources to fly people around for face- to-face meetings. Growing usage of telecommunications and video conferencing has driven office furniture manufactures to create solutions for cord/device/power management. This includes wire management within desking and boardroom tables (amongst other furniture pieces) in a variety of designs and varying complexities.

Increasing breakout spaces

Space drives function. Increasingly office spaces were becoming more open with chill out zones mixed with dining areas and individual 'booths' for private study or more casual meetings. Companies are creating spaces that are modern, clean, fresh and bright to convey the mood the organisation is trying to cultivate within operations. Some even feature internal gardens and British pub style areas.


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