DNA’s clean lines give the bench system a simple elegance that belies the exceptional sophistication of its design and engineering. Expand or reduce in line with headcount to ensure a constant balance between your business needs and the resources to meet them.

DNA is based on a straightforward idea: that with a small number of component parts, you gain a straightforward solution to the demands of workstation design, providing a flexible, dynamic and innovative interpretation for the modern workspace.

An elegant leg frame supports a combination of worktop shapes and personal storage elements, affording clarity of thought and design in an otherwise complex environment. And when your needs change, it’s easy to adapt to your changing circumstances

DNA desks have a variety of widths and depth options, storage solutions can be put in the place of leg frames as well as desktop storage options being available. The possibilities with DNA furniture do seem to be endless, it is a very innovative, extensive furniture range which has a Design Guild Mark.

DNA is a tough and long-lasting furniture range but when it does reach the end of its life, more than 97% of its materials can be recycled for an exceptionally gentle environmental footprint.