Metrix dual not only looks great but it also helps to improve employee health, motivation and productivity.

Metrix dual are height adjustable back-to-back desks. Metrix dual desks can be adjusted by electric key pad or manual crank handle. Tops can be rectangular, double or single wave. Frames are white or silver. Horizontal cable trays, height levelling feet and scalloped desk backs are included as standard.

The electronic key-pad operated version has an integrated hi-tech sensor included for anti-collision, these desks are adjustable at 28mm/second. Decorative end and gang panels optional extra. Desk screens are available if required. Desktops come in a choice of 10 MFC finishes and a further 14 laminate (HPL) finishes.

Metrix dual desks come with a 5-year warranty.

Download Metrix-Dual Brochure