Boss  Executive

Proud of their heritage, Boss, Lyndon and Komac are a significant global supplier, boast innovative products and offer one of the broadest office and hospitality seating portfolios’ in the world. They have a reputation for being quality-led and customer driven and surpass expectations with their utmost attention to detail throughout their global operation.

They are a carbon neutral company, FSC certified and the proud holder of The Manufacturing Guild Mark Award. They have a robust sustainability strategy and constantly review the way that their business operates, from designing environmentally focused products to ensuring that their business has a positive effect on everyone that comes in to contact with it.

Their UK manufacturing facilities total 145,000sq ft with factories in the West Midlands and Gloucestershire. By investing in the latest technology, tooling and efficient production systems, they have achieved a reduction in manufacturing time and the maximisation of fabric yields, reducing energy consumption and the company’s impact on the environment. Operating at the cutting edge of British design, their collections are progressive and reflect what our client’s require both today and in the future.

Boss Design, Lyndon Design and Komac offer some stunning products at a very high quality. In brief…Komac is the more entry-level seating portfolio, Lyndon design is geared more towards the hospitality market and Boss Design is high level commercial seating.

Have a peruse through these fantastic brochures:

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