Adding a bike desk to your office space

Have you heard of a desk bike? If the answer is no but you want to find out more, keep reading…….

A Desk bike increases calorie burn (of course) raises energy output and enjoyability. A desk bike is the ideal way to increase activity levels during sedentary office hours; even set at its lower resistance. Constant slow pedalling allows you to increase your energy expenditure by 50% compared with sitting at your desk.

One of our bike desks appeared on channels 4’s popular ‘How to Lose Weight Well’ show. Watch episode 2 of How to lose weight well (series five) online here.

Any way to reduce your risk of a health condition is a good enough reason to get on the desk bike trend. Exercise science professor John Buckley, of university centre Shrewsbury confirms that a bike desk can reduce health conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. This is one of the many reasons why we sell so many to the NHS.

Add a desk bike to your meeting rooms, break out areas or offer it to your staff as an alternative desk and chair.

We don’t stop there; a desk bike isn’t the only accessory that increases health risks. We can also offer desk risers, treadmill desks, and balance boards.