Space Planning

Something that is hard to grasp comes easy to our experts. Space planning is extremely important in large and small projects. We can make sure you are getting the most out of your space.

Space planning in Leicestershire

If you are refurbishing your office you may want to completely re design the way you currently use it. Space planning could really benefit you. We can combine new and original furniture, Show you how building partitioning could be beneficial, and create a design that is visually pleasing

Client Discussions

Our first meeting will be to discuss key subjects. These may include the below.

  • Specific functions of particular areas; do you need a breakout area that is separate to the office desks?
  • Flexibility of spaces; Are you including an area for hot desking? Can the kitchen be included in the breakout area?
  • Accessibility; Do areas need access to the external parts of the building. What floor of a building are you on? Will you be able to access your space by stairs, lift or escalator?
  • Do parts of the area need to be partitioned for privacy reasons, can these be glass or do they need to be solid walls?
  • Do you need to keep certain area’s connected?

Spatial relationships

Spatial relationships with rooms are also really important, we may discuss how to use your space more effectively. The below may give you an idea on the type of subjects we may discuss, making it easier for us to design the right space for you.

  • How would you like to seperate area’s? There are so many ways to create different spaces including, creating a room within a room. This could be partitioned or created by using a free standing privacy booth. Linking rooms with common spaces. Creating small breakout area’s between larger offices can create an area for various departments to work together and catch up.
  • Contents of the room will be discussed. What are you planning on putting in your room? How might it be arranged? We could suggest furniture that stacks and is easily put to one side to transform the space quickly.
  • Discussing the amount of employers that work for your business is also an important factor. Do they all work from the office? Do they hot desk? Do they mainly work from home?
  • What is the need any certain space? What do you hope to get out of it? Do you need a certain amount of storage?