Ergonomic Centre

A correctly adjusted chair will reduce the strain on your back.

Ergonomic chair features provide the very best in posture support and are commonly recommended by health care professionals for a wide range of musculoskeletal and back related issues.


Ergonomic Chairs

At Leicester Office Furnishers we pride ourselves on our knowledge of ergonomic chairs. Our showroom is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call to book a FREE Ergonomic chair fitting.

‘What does this involve?’ I hear you asking. We can advise you on how to sit at your desk with a better posture, showing you how some chairs will be better than others for your body shape. Part of the ergonomic chair fitting service is to measure certain area’s of the body, including

  • Back of knee joint to floor
  • Back of buttock to back of knee
  • Seating hip width
  • Nape of neck
  • Seat of surface to shoulder
  • Lumbar height
  • Seat surface to underside of arm
  • Elbow to elbow

We would also ask if there are any health conditions relevant that we would need to be aware of. Sitting incorrectly at a computer for long periods of time can take a toll on your body and health. By not sitting with the correct posture, it is easy to end up with the most common workplace injuries such as; back, neck and knee pains. Following some simple steps can maintain good ergonomics and staying comfortable at your desk.


Ergonomic Desks 

Ergonomic desks (commonly referred to as “standing desks”) will become more popular in the next decade. Across Scandinavia 90% of office workers now enjoy the health benefits of sit-stand desks and the popularity is spreading globally.

A standing desk also referred to as a height adjustable, sit-stand or stand-up desk, allows the user to work in both seated and standing positions. Experts recommend regular change of posture and position throughout the workday to avoid the risks of prolonged sitting and boost metabolic burn by becoming more active at work. Intermittent standing throughout the day reduces multiple health risks but also improves performance, creativity, motivation, and productivity whilst you work.


Ergonomic Accessories

From Standing mats to ergonomic seat supports, we have you covered. Seat supports can help you not just in the office but at home and in the car. Simply move them from one chair to the next.

Desk top accessories can vary from arm supports to screen arms.

Leg injuries could be supported with a leg rest, its important to sit correctly at your desk, with or without injuries.