Interior Design

Making your dreams a reality, our team of experts have over 40 years experience in the design industry and will consider everything to create the perfect space for your business.

Interior design throughout the Midlands from the Heart of Leicester

Based in the centre of Leicester, we are in a great position to get to Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby and Warwickshire, however we work nationwide on projects. From the initial meeting to the finishing touches we’re with you every step of the way.

A workplace that works

Great office design isn’t only about looking good. It’s about pulling the whole scheme together, finding the perfect balance of aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality. The workplace has to work for you. Building the environment around your teams is a great way to improve the productivity and performance within your office. Interior design is such a wide ranging product area, including everything from desks to complete office refurbishment or working with architects from plans. Quite often there are health and safety checks that needs to be made along the way, as well as legal considerations. At Leicester office furnishers we have the knowledge to discuss issues before they crop up, and guide you through the planning aspects of your design.

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Workplace wellbeing

Office design elements can raise the wellness of your staff. A better sense of well-being in the workplace can improve performance and motivation. This can be achieved by something as simple as a standing (height adjustable) desk to promote mobility, better quality of air in the office or introduce biophilic design and bring the outside, inside.

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Office Design & Layout

We put you at the centre of our office designs. Your corporate branding – if you want to go along that route, with furniture and colour schemes carefully selected to suit. Our designers can produce 2D space plans and 3D visual renders, allowing you to visualise what your new office space will look like when brought to life.

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How it works

If you’re overwhelmed with the thought of starting a design project, let us handle it for you. The first step is easy, pick up the phone or send us an email. We can start the process straight away.

  1. 1 Get in touch

    As simple as a phone call, or email. Get in touch today!

  2. 2 Collaborate with us

    We generally visit the site to discuss your ideas, this is to help us gauge the business needs and space, and ask all the relevant questions to design the perfect space for you.

  3. 3 Approval of the project design

    CAD drawings, moodboards and quotes may all be sent over to help with the approval process.

  4. 4 Let the magic begin

    Just say yes and we'll get our team in to start work.

Interior Design FAQ

What suppliers do you work with?

Our supplier list is very vast, however some of post popular suppliers include Dams, Sven Christiansen and Ocee Design, as well as Boss Design, Air Seating and Narbutas. Our suppliers are all trialled and tested for quality and service. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure every order is built to a high standard. Giving the customer a wide range ensures we can usually hit all budgets to a good standard. We can also supply custom made furniture so please get in touch this is something you feel you will need.

How will I collaborate with the designer?

A variety of communication is used. With the current situation of Covid, we have used a mixture of virtual calls and face to face meetings. A lot of our communications after the initial meeting will be over email and telephone. Pictures/ CAD designs and quotes are all sent over email so we can log a trail of communication. We find this helps both parties keep track of projects happening.

What does a room design include?

We will discuss your requirements with you, what you are wanting from the space in terms of practically and any favoured looks, we will then take this information and produce 2D and/or 3D layouts for consideration, along with mood boards to give a real idea of the overall feel of the new scheme. Once the design is near to being approved a full specification and pricing will be pulled together and tweaked again if necessary to complete the package.

Do you work with big office spaces?

Yes! We have worked on properties and commercial spaces nationwide. Some of our biggest projects have been in London this year, but this isn't always the case. we've worked with big names including Taylor Wimpey, Pukka Pies, London Fire Brigade, and Leicester City council.