Nursery through to University desking and seating is massively important.

We believe that the centrepiece of any learning space must begin with multipurpose furniture solutions. We want flexible solutions which stand the test of time and help transition classroom practices in ways that fully engage students in learning. It is pivotal in terms of involving both students and faculty.


A lot of eductional tables need to be folded down and mobile. Here at Leicester Office Furnishers we work with amazing manufacturers to bring you the best for function and quality.

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Study Carrels and Desks

Study Carrels are proving more and more popular due to the recent pandemic. We have a wide range of desks suitable for teachers and students.

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Our Educational storage range is very extensive and includes anything from dressing up to art storage.

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With a large supplier base we can get seating for all area’s of the educational sector. From Pre school to University we have a wide variety of seating to suit your needs.

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