Educational seating can range from science stools to lecture theatre seating. Stacking chairs can be found from childrens to adults. Make sure your students are comfortable whatever there age with one of our specialist chairs.

  • Innonote

    Add Inno®Note to your canteen and meeting chairs and give them a brand-new function. By simply attaching our Inno®Note writing pad, you get the perfect conference chair, with room for a 13″ laptop or a notepad. Moreover, Inno®Note also has an integrated cupholder for keeping track of your water bottle so that you can concentrate on your notes. Perfect for lectures or conferences.

  • Foursure Audi

    FourSure® Audi is the ‘new black’ in auditorium furnishing. The chair has a pliant back, which, despite its robustness, is designed to flex for maximum comfort. This is the chair for learning establishments. Available with a patented adjustable writing tablet and swivel return function for easy aisle accessibility, you can listen, learn, move, rest, or do teamwork in small groups: Basically, you can do it all with the FourSure® Audi.

  • Four Cast

    The FourCast®2 is an extensive chair collection with a focus on function, ergonomic support, and elegant design. The simplicity of the V-shaped backrest makes the FourCast®2 ideal for variation and customisation.

  • Monarch Flaire

    The Flaire chair is suitable from age 4 through to adult by using 5 different sized chairs. Single moulding polypropylene chair that assists better posture. Can be stacked 10 chairs high. Available in 3 different colours and even comes with a 15 year guarantee - what's not to love!?

  • Postura

    Designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort, the Postura+ chair is proven to be durable, comfortable and offer excellent value for money. Made in the UK from high impact resistant polypropylene, their gas injected legs increase strength and reduce weight. Available in a range of vibrant colours, they are strong, light, stain resistant, antistatic and easy to clean.

  • Hatton Stacking chair

    Stackable elegance for multipurpose spaces, inside and outside. The elegant, streamlined silhouette of these chairs is created with a 100% recyclable, one-piece injection-moulded polypropylene/glass fibre blend. Its built-in UV protection makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Grafton

    The generous perforations of Grafton's distinctive injection-moulded backrest provides better ventilation and flexibility. This unique feature was created to offer the benefits of a mesh-backed chair without compromising on durability. The rolled edges of the backrest are mirrored on the seat shell to create a waterfall edge.

  • Strive

    World famous Italian furniture designer Giancarlo Piretti's goal in creating the Strive collection was simplicity. His simple, yet elegant design is comfortable and affordable. The unique, flexible back with a wire rod inserted into the polypropylene encourages movement and relaxation.

  • Torsion on the go

    Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, Torsion on the Go! is a supremely intelligent approach to the requirements of multipurpose rooms. Exceptional comfort is provided by a smooth back articulation created by a unique patented torsion spring mechanism. Coupled with a light design aesthetic, Torsion on the Go!'s unrivalled comfort and practicality make it one of the most specified multipurpose chairs in the market.