The Average office worker spends more than 75,000 minutes in a seated position every year, so selecting the right seating is an incredibly important decision.

Operator Chairs

Our operator chairs range from simple, minimal function chairs through to heavy duty options designed to function for 24 hours a day. With multiple enhanced ergonomic features they will support the needs of a variety of employees. The range includes fabrics, mesh, faux leather and leather options.


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Ergonomic Chairs

We pride ourselves in having extensive knowledge of ergonomic office chairs. The majority of your day is spent sitting on your desk chair and so it needs to be supportive as well as comfortable. We work with various suppliers to ensure we find the right chair to suit your weight, height and ergonomic support needs.

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Meeting and conference

The conference room could be turned into the WOW room of the office. One large table surrounded by smart yet comfortable chairs. Our extension range of meeting chairs can be found in various colours and finishes

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Breakout and Reception

Collaborate with friends or colleagues and relax in a staff room, or break out area. Break out seating can be anything from bar stools to modular seating and privacy booths, creating the perfect space right for your business.

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Privacy pods and Booths

A place for conversations to be held in confidence, or to simply get some alone time. Privacy booths can also house tables, TV’s and power sockets which are great for conference calls and employees on the move.

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Cafe and Bistro

A huge selection of colours and finishes to suit your cafe or bistro area. Select cleanable furniture to ensure your bistro or cafe space looks amazing for the long haul.


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