Study Carrells

  • Solo Pod

    Pods nestle and tessellate to maximise available space, allowing the creation of a community of environments and destinations. Pods are ideal for either an individual within a desk based environment looking for a space to focus or for teams to gather for impromptu meetings.

  • Soli Square

    Soli’s unique connection joints allow for multiple, additional workstations using shared components which saves space and costs compared to stand alone units. Desktops can be positioned to suit different working styles.

  • four us worx

    A mobile and practical work desk that still looks stylish? Sounds too good to be true? Well, this is precisely what FourUs® Worx is all about. This lovely workstation is flexible and designed to naturally blend with its surroundings, looking fabulous wherever you place it

  • ScreenD

    The perfect place to work in peaceful privacy. The ScreenD Working Pod features a swivelling laptop table and integral shelf to create an individual workspace in any office, reception or breakout area. Optional 3-pin + USB power and wireless charging modules. Optional hood for enhanced acoustic damping.