Privacy Pods and Booths

Smart workplace design is key to elevating productivity. Intuitively engineered for maximum ergonomic comfort and privacy to help improve posture, health and wellbeing.

  • Harc

    Part of an amazing range of furniture, the Harc privacy booth is the perfect place to informally reconnect with employees.

  • Fourlikes

    FourLikes™ optimizes your space by turning underused areas into active, meaningful spaces. The family offers everything from the ideal work seating height to acoustic and visual privacy. The possibilities are endless.

  • XRMH

    The combination of visual privacy, acoustic damping, well-cushioned comfort and convenient worksurface create a practical, relaxed, semi-private meeting space. Optional flush-fitting power/USB charging ports.


    ARCIPELAGO lounge benches allows you to create modern and functional office or public spaces including individual workspaces, waiting / lounge areas, private meeting spaces in an open-plan office, and open meeting areas.

  • bTogether

    Meet. Share. Collaborate. bTogether removes the need for walls in an office by bringing in-private meetings out into the workplace. With its high rise back rest and media capabilities, bTogether naturally creates privacy and acoustic comfort, and allows for creative collaboration. Optional tables comes in two sizes, tapered to compliment the use of arms, or wide fit to provide a more generous table size.

  • POD

    Creating a comfortable and acoustic working space. POD provides a spacious area for meetings, breakout sessions and informal social gatherings. It's high rise back rest provides acoustics and style.

  • Retreat

    Retreat to your space. If you need space and informal privacy to take a call or meet, Retreat is your choice of soft furnishing. Its high rise back rest and arms create great acoustic comfort in the workplace.

  • ScreenD

    Elegant and slimline, ScreenD offers a flexible solution for all meeting and breakout spaces. High and low-back variants combine to create a combination of privacy and open sight lines. Flat planes and clean lines work well with one, two, three or even four-tone fabric combinations, while feet, legs and table tops are available in a wide choice of finishes.

  • ScreenD Hooded

    NEW: add the new 'hood' option for added acoustic privacy.
    Combine high-back ScreenD sofas with a link panel and optional table to create meeting booths. The link panel can support a display screen and cable ports may be specified in both the link and table top, enabling integration with contemporary collaborative technologies.

  • FourUs

    FourUs® meets the need for an informal space for contemplation and interaction. Whether you need a perfect spot for the coffee break or the informal meeting, the family meets all scenarios. It contains several modules and countless possibilities. It fulfils the need for a perfect meeting spot or a casual work facility, it enables the ability to achieve concentration, and it provides the framework and opportunity for obtaining peace and integrity.

  • Henray

    The extensive collection offers both high and low back units, benches, tables, curved modules, and booths ideal for smaller or larger configurations. HenRays elegant look is perfect for office, meeting and public spaces.

  • Encore

    Encore is a distinctively elegant soft seating solution that is high in quality and unique in design. The clean, modern lines of the seating available with high and low backs give Encore a contemporary look that will suit many open plan offices, creating a fun yet practical work space which will inspire employees and collaborations to a new level of function and sophistication

  • Kastaway

    Kastaway is symbolic to being somewhere tranquil and relaxing opposed to a high pressure environment. The Kastaway landscape furniture collection can be linked together with details or shapes, or used as stand-alone pieces, creating bespoke, flexible furniture solutions that can easily be arranged in a variety of dynamic configurations, making them ideal for employees and small groups to relax or meet informally.

  • Alban

    The Alban High Back sofa adds a new level to office and breakout seating, offering a quiet or private place for employees to sit and relax, or for teams to meet in seclusion. By creating a space that can accommodate individuals or groups in privacy, comfort and style, the Alban High Back is perfect for open space environments in offices, while at the same time reflecting the latest in contemporary design.