Tables for the educational sector need to have different properties to withstand a harsh environment and be flexible. We have a huge selection of school/ college/ university furniture so please contact us if you can't find what your looking for.

  • Geo

    The Geo chunky table features a ø32mm steel A-Frame which is stackable up to 10 high. The table top is of 18mm laminated MDF in a range of colours. Table edge finished with spray on PU, available is a range of colours.

  • Kite

    Whoever said tables should be square and boring? The Kite® folding table is definitely not; it has a vivid design that allows endless creative configurations and feeds creativity. Designed to optimise the meeting experience. Optional wheels make it simple to move, fold and store; thus, Kite® is suitable for all environments from the boardroom to the classroom.

  • Fourlearning

    In the grand scheme of things a table is just a table. However, Four® Learning has that something extra. It folds with ease. Two integrated castors allow for movability. It stacks in a pleasing aesthetic order on trollies. Cool features like chair suspension, cable duct, and linking device are all those little things that make this table something else. Available in two sizes this table is anything but a standard table.

  • Room in room

    RoomInRoom is designed to create space and visual barriers. In an instant, you can create a room in the room and obtain better acoustics, increased concentration, and privacy – while still being part of the community. The melamine plate is quick and easy to lock onto the FourReal® tables.

  • Curve

    Featuring heavy-duty ø32mm steel legs, Curve Tables are a sturdy and highly durable solution. Table top is of 18mm laminated MDF as standard, 25mm board is available on request. Table surface, board edge and frame are available in a range of colours as required.