Bringing home into the workplace.

We’re working with a lot of larger companies that sympathise with their employees working from home and asking how they can bring more elements from the home into their workspaces.
Over the last 2 years, home environments have become a safe haven for staff insolating or just following working from home guidelines. Bringing the home into the office can replicate that sense of belonging, relaxation, and security.
There are various design solutions that incorporate furniture such as lamps, armchairs, coffee tables and mood lighting to help provide a relaxing, gentle atmosphere. Try avoiding harsh lighting and bright colours which are quite often seen as corporate.
Softer, more neutral tones can affect the mood of a workplace, so try and incorporate pastel colours, or earthy tones. Introducing curves into the furniture selected is softer to the eye than angles creating restful and relaxing vibes.
Biophilia design is where the inside is opened to the outside. Adding large amounts of plants, greenery, water features and plenty of natural light can again make your space feel more homely.
If you’re able to get involved in the architecture of the office space, use plenty of glass to let in as much natural light as possible. Biophilic design promotes sustainability in workplaces and ensures a reusable, recyclable and eco friendly culture.
A Study by home spaces of 7600 workers in 16 countries found those that worked in spaces with natural or green features reported a 15% higher level of wellbeing and are 6% more productive and 15% more creative overall.


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