Buying the right furniture to suit your space

We’re here to discuss some ideas to make the most out of your office space, here are a few tips for buying 3 of our most bought items.

Storage cabinets

Most offices need filing cabinets, however these come in all shapes and sizes. We have anything from pedestals with filing drawers to full steel lockable units. Lockers are very popular in schools, colleges, and within the NHS. They give staff the opportunity to store personal property safely. Storage cupboards come in a variety of finishes from metal to wood, Sven Christiansen have a beautiful range of designer finishes or Bisley at Dams have a great selection of coloured steel cabinets. The range of storage is huge, so don’t get caught up buying the wrong things for your office and contact us today!


There are many different types of office desks today. Sit stand desks are more popular than ever at the minute, giving people the opportunity to work standing or sitting, but also making their working environment as ergonomically friendly as possible. Bench desking is also very popular due to its cost. Buying 4 singular desks and putting them next to each other is a lot more expensive than buying a bench desking system. On the other hand, buying 4 singular desks can be good if you find that you are changing your office space on a regular occurrence. At Leicester office furnishers we can source and supply a vast range of desking options, however we like to ensure the right desk is supplied for the right space, so contact us today on how we can help with space planning before ordering furniture.


If your staff are seated for prolonged periods of time, you may want to ensure they are comfortable. We offer a free chair fitting service to ensure the correct chair is supplied to each individual person. We specialise in ergonomic chairs so if you find staff getting back and neck ache, we may be able to help! Meeting rooms vary from office to office, some are a permanent fixture, some are multi-purpose rooms. We have a substantial selection of stackable/ foldable chairs along with foldaway tables to suit these multipurpose rooms. At Leicester office furnishers we fit out all parts of your office space including the kitchen and break out areas. Making these areas aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable is an important factor to consider. The choices for these areas are endless.


Don’t forget that one of the services we offer is space planning which can include 2D and 3D drawings of your office space with variations of office furniture in situ.