Meeting and conference tables

  • Ligni

    Ligni tables share the same construction and finish options as Ligni bench desks, but offer an expanded choice of cable management options, including lift-out tiles, hinged flaps, flip-top and pop-up sockets. Also available as Ligni Lite with an 18mm edge.

  • Fulcrum

    Fulcrum offers a range of exceptional tables for executive offices and for meeting and conference rooms. Tables are offered as standard in widths up to 5000mm and diameters up to 1500mm, with an extensive choice of top shapes and base/leg options.

  • Ambus

    Ambus offers an exceptionally wide range of tables for general office use and for meeting and conference rooms. Tables are offered as standard in lengths up to 5000mm (but can provide tables of any length) and diameters up to 1800mm, with an extensive choice of top shapes, base/leg options and tops in veneer or MFC, as well as in our 3D finishes.

  • Nova Wood

    The Nova wood conference table is a beautiful piece of furniture. Its Ash wood insert is not only eye-catching detail but also a convenient solution for managing electrical wiring and cables at a meeting space.

  • Arrow head

    Simply designed to ensure core functionality, Arrow Head offers versatile tables in a variety of shapes and finishes to suit any boardroom or meeting setting. The Arrow Head leg design offers rigidity and strength with its clean cut lines and balanced proportions. Single tables can be used individually for meetings, or several tables can be grouped together to achieve various room layouts.

  • Eternal

    Eternal is a sophisticated boardroom table collection with robust customisable options for all your meeting room needs. Many sizes, shapes, and details let you tailor the look for formal or casual settings, with stylish flat circular bases and cylindrical columns, tops available in five finishes, and integrated power options which makes Eternal a practical choice for supporting technology.

  • Fliptop

    Fliptop tables are an excellent choice for conference, office, meeting and training facilities with the ability to quickly and easily configure a room. Incorporating a simple, thumb wheel release mechanism, the fliptop table frames provide a reliable, cost-effective and space saving solution within all workplace environments. Then you can simply fold down and roll away until needed again.

  • Flexi

    Dams flexible meeting table solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications to cater for all of your office needs. Offering complete mobility and functionality, our Flexi tables are solid, reliable and built to last. Available in a wide range of sizes, 18mm table top finishes and with a choice of silver or graphite powder coated steel frames, Flexi tables can be used in multiple combinations for all styles of meetings.