Creating an inviting reception area

A Reception area is the first impression a client, colleague, supplier, or correspondent; so, it ultimately needs to reflect your brand or business.

If you don’t have room for a reception area, making your entrance inviting is just as important.

Together we’ll run through a few ideas to help create the perfect space to welcome people into your offices. Its important to think about how you want visitors to feel when they walk in, energised? Calm? Excited? Inspired? Let’s break it down.

First, if possible, think about the design of your reception area during the build stage. There’s a lot you can incorporate early in the design process, from integrated shelving to ceiling and lighting design. Lighting can be a game changer when it comes to designing larger spaces, try and think outside of the box.

Make use of the wall behind the reception desk and make it speak about your brand. Do you need to give a calming impression; try using natural elements, wood, plants bring the outdoors in, and give a sense of relaxation. Think about whether the wall behind the reception desk could continue onto the ceiling to give a bigger impact.

If you want your customer to feel energetic as soon as they walk in, maybe think about the use of bright, bold colours. Yellow, red, and bright green are good colours to use for gymnasiums, swimming pools and sportswear branding. Pair them with clean whites, and plants for a fresh look.

Bright Orange would be a good choice for a food company with a spicy kick, for example, Nando’s, use orange for their branding which works well, again they’ve mixed their interiors with wood to give a natural element.

Make sure your branding (depending on business) is visible for the customer to see. Depending on the business, you could add something in the area that attracts social media attention.

If your entrance is small, perhaps add a company logo into the carpet, anywhere is better that nowhere.

If you’re a pharmaceutical company, think about being clean and sleek. A high gloss reception desk would work well. Along with furniture with an anti -microbial finish. Bring a pop of colour to your reception through the furniture selected. Mix stools with chairs so that larger groups can sit together if needed.

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