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    Comprising a sturdy steel subframe and bench tops which take on a floating appearance, Adapt offers a clean and minimal look to the workplace. Desk legs can be shared, making it an aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and practical system for high density office spaces. The Adapt benching solution is a real stand out in the modern office environment.

  • FUZE

    Fuze bench desks blend the best of European design with the highest workmanship standards to span a wide range of applications and support the most creative of workspaces. Fuze bench desks provide the perfect answer for a less corporate modern office.

  • AIR

    An exceptional feature of AIR desks is thin metal legs that convey a sense of lightness and at the same time ensure their durability and stability. Desk cabinets without handles also help to create and maintain a clean and cohesive look for the office

  • Motion

    MOTION desks offer a choice of two different leg designs. H-shaped metal legs provide a more generous space for movement and storage. Those who desire more privacy can choose a desk with panel legs which visually cover up the space under the desk and add an aesthetic look to it.

  • Nova O

    NOVA desk legs come in three different designs: U, A and O shape. Square-shaped desk legs do not make the workspace feel overwhelming. O-shape desk legs are unique in that you can additionally order a special divider designed for two-seat and four-seat desks.

  • NOVA wood

    NOVA Wood desking system is ideal for open plan offices where you can arrange different areas for individual or collaborative work, meetings and leisure activities

  • Zedo

    Zedo - the new range from Narbutas. All the design elements can be combined according to the personal user’s needs. And as these change, ZEDO will adapt easily. The desk can be really simple or in a complex combination, official or playful, without accessories or with a lot of them – just what is right for you. Zedo can add a large or small pop of colour to your office.

  • Chemistry

    The Chemistry range of workstations creates a stylish yet flexible solution that improves productivity and facilitates diversity for individuals and teams. Chemistry can be configured as individual desks or as a bench solution that shares components, allowing for the integration of partitions that form touch down workstations or meeting spaces.