Height adjustable Desks

Improve posture, promote mental well- being and boost energy levels with a height adjustable desk.

  • Elev8 Desks

    Featuring value and versatility at its best, Elev8 Mono height adjustable desks with a single motor provide affordable features and durable design to transform the workplace with healthy flexibility and mass appeal. Put simply, a healthier workforce is a happier, more motivated and more productive workforce.

  • HiRise

    Stand up for a healthier lifestyle and a workspace as individual as you are. HiRise® is the next generation in sit-stand bench desks and meeting tables, with the flexibility of individually height adjustable tops plus matching fixed-height desks.

  • Motion

    An electric height adjustable desking system designed for a dynamic working style. A regular change of posture improves your well-being and concentration, whereas an ergonomic and well-organized work space evokes positive emotions.

  • Active

    ACTIVE electric height adjustable desking system can be best described in two words: functionality and quality. Even if you spend most of your day at work, it should not prevent you from staying active at your workplace.