Improving your posture in the workplace

How can you improve your posture at work?


There are so many ways to improve you posture and it doesn’t always include yoga or pilates! Improving your workstation can really make a difference to your posture and health. Try giving yourself a small assessment……. Is your computer screen at the right height? Would you be able to stand for a portion of your day? Is your chair comfortable?

Let’s go through some of the common problems people find with there workspace.

Screen height

There are various ways to set your screen height correctly. One way of improving your desk/ screen height could be to invest in a sit stand desk. These are becoming increasingly popular and are regularly ordered by larger companies. A sit stand desk is exactly what it says, it’s a height adjustable desk that allows you to both sit or stand. It’s proven that standing increases productivity in the office and reduces the chances of long-term health risks.

Another way to alter your monitor height would be a monitor arm. These generally connect to your office desk and let you lift your screen up and down, side to side, making sure you are sat upright working at your desk. Some monitor arms have the option of fitting two screens or more, so don’t let that be an excuse!

An Ergonomic Chair

Seen as we spend at least half of our lives sat in a chair, let’s make sure it’s a great one! You don’t need to spend hundreds to get the chair of your dreams. You simply need a chair which will allow you to adjust the height, so your feet sit comfortably on the ground, has a comfy seat area and good lower back support. At Leicester office furnishers we have staff that have been through tough training courses on the correct way to sit at your office chair. Please call to discuss how we could help in assessing your current office chairs.

If you can’t stand for periods of time, you really need the right chair for your body shape. We’re all different, there’s no two people the same and that’s why picking the right chair for you is important.