New FourPeople Range

At Leicester office furnishers, we strive to bring you the best and most recent ranges from our amazing suppliers.

Just launched is the new Four people range, which is a fabulous range of furniture to add to the Ocee family.

‘Providing people with a great workplace experience means creating a variety of spaces with different forms and functions. Spaces that support differing work styles and empowers the user to make choices that optimise wellbeing, performance, and the ability to collaborate.’ Says Ocee.

Like always, the range comes in a fantastic range of colours and will fully integrate with current Ocee furniture pieces. Creating areas for every individual in your office space.

Below is great example of the Four people 2-seater hut with fabric, alongside a single work hut, four likes scooter and four resting table. The muted tones here work well together to achieve a relaxing environment.

The Four People range offers multifunctional soft seating with endless configuration options.

A wide selection of panels in a range of heights and widths create zonal area’s. Add work huts to your space with standing or sitting desks for a varied workplace. Making spaces ergonomic as well as practical is the way forward. Soft seating area’s create a relaxed and sociable work space.

Larger soft seating is available in two tone fabrics. Power and data options are available.

‘The FourPeople range was designed with sustainability in mind. The lifespan, material efficiency, disassembly and recyclability have all been thoroughly considered to ensure we are furnishing the world better.’ Ocee Designs