Nova wood desks

Have you seen our range of Nova wood desks?

Nova wood adds a delicate sense of luxury to your office and brings you closer to nature.

Nova wood desking system is ideal for open plan offices where you can arrange different areas for the individual or collaborative work, meetings, and leisure activities.

Every Nova table is unique due to solid ash wood legs, its elegant leg design is the key feature of this desking system.

  • Natural wood tends to change its colour over time.
  • Stained and lacquered wood reveals the pattern even more.
  • Wood texture and wide growth rings create a distinctive pattern.

Nova wood desks will allow you to create a desired office style whether you want it to convey a feeling of warmth and cosiness, resemble a modern loft interior or create an atmosphere of subtle luxury. Choose from a wide range of desktops and textures the ones that will best suit you needs.

Below we’ve shown the individual desks and bank desks.

The new high/ low multipurpose Nova wood table is a great new product, that will serve as a cosy and stylish yet practical office island for an open meeting. This table is a brilliant conversation starter. With the number of additional extras, it has to offer, there is something for everyone. From mounting a TV to housing a planter on top, this table really does have the ability to do everything. Use it as a brief stand-up meeting, a spontaneous team meeting or a coffee break table. Whatever its use, it will definitely be the focal point of the room.

The below pictures show some of the extras this desk can be paired with. the planters are very striking in both room set ups. The desk/ table can be bought at a lower height for everyday office use, or at the higher poseur height.

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