The need for a privacy booth

There are many reasons why a privacy booth might be the best addition to your office, below we’ve outlined just a few, but if you would like to discuss adding a booth to your office please give us a call, we have plenty to offer!


When working in a busy environment or maybe even the radio is too loud, your staff members may experience a rise in stress levels. We’ve all been on the phone and struggled to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying. Especially when receiving international calls. This is further heightened by Covid 19. A lot of people are still working at home and need to have zoom calls rather than internal meetings. Privacy Booths are perfect to sneak away set up a laptop and have that awesome pop of colour in the background.

Some more than others struggle to cut out certain noises, which is where your office could really benefit with a privacy booth.


There are endless reasons why your employees may want some privacy. From making that confidential phone call, to working on something that requires a lot of concentration. Sometimes these tasks seem impossible when the office environment is off putting.

Research has it that people who work in a private environment are a lot more productive, making it a win win situation. Productive staff = happy workplace = rise in profits!

Spreading illnesses

Now the key factor of a privacy booth……..

In an open plan office, once one person falls sick with a contagious illness (Covid -19) you can almost guarantee that more of your workforce will be out with the same illness. Colds and flu’s are passed around far too easily, especially if you’ve got an AC unit nearby.

The privacy booth is the perfect place to block those illnesses spreading. Some textile companies have developed fabrics with antibiotic properties to fight germs being left on surfaces.